Vim's guide to success in PvP grinding (PvP Grind Build)

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Vim's guide to success in PvP grinding (PvP Grind Build) Empty Vim's guide to success in PvP grinding (PvP Grind Build)

Post  ZDrAgOnZz on Tue Mar 30, 2010 12:42 am

A Successful build By ZDrAgOnZz again, Tomes are at the bottom

Tier 1 24 points

3/9 Furious chop
1/9 Counter tide
8/8 Charm of earth
9/9 magma blade
3/3 Blood oath

Tier 2 24 points

1/9 Lightning Flash
2/3 Charge
6/9 steadfast strike
9/9 spite
6/6 fog curse

Tier 3 28 points

3/9 Divine inspiration
8/8 Infatuation
1/9 Cherub's dance
6/6 Hopeless Passion
3/9 Wither wood [realy high res later for 105 esper at lv 15+ stat so no real means for this]
5/5 Cherub's song (factions only long term buff)
2/3 Dexterity [sleep is highest res later, so u dont need much of it]

Tier 4 ~52 points used

3/9 Tyrant Slayer
8/8 Nascent Raja
9/9 Mad Spiral
3/3 Splitting strike [nice slow effect for runners, and with nilthy charm u can spam it]
6/7 Gather Spirit (must have, great in pvp, only problem is it takes ALL of your SP, so sp buff before you cast it for max damage)<---was 3/9----> ** <----was 7/7----> downed by 1 as it was not working out as well
[not fully accounted, expect later additions(Okay, posting new adds now)]
6/9 Dragonfury
1/9 sanjo array (useful in clan glory quests, but another optional skill this one is up to you, it has no high level grind usage, but again low level glory quests when it is timely to find enough mobs in the same place can simply slow you down, that is why i planed this skill)
8/8 Demon Blood cast this in combination with infatuation and you essentially have a mini raja, also useful in grinding as well as battlegrounds, lowers potion cost
7/7 perpetual loneliness (must have in pvp, this is vims MOST effective AOE ever, this skill

Tier 5 13 points w/o dawn 14 w/ dawn

Mohun Juma 6/6
Nameless Technique 2/2
Clever Rebuttal 5/5
Dawns end 1/4 [if u want, other wise don't add any]



Soul Bane

Not realy needed, become useless in later game, means w/ tomes your magma blade, has a stun strength of about 66(max of 100ish i believe), so, not very usefull when the opponent has 300+ res meaning has 3x more res than u can have in stun strenth

Fel Path Tomes

Blood Smear 2/2

fog 2/2

Unrelenting resentment 2/2

Heaven's blessing 2/2 [increases raja time, and decreases raja cool down timer]

Icy Edge 2/2

Demon heart 2/2 [ helps ur res skills, although it is almost pointless, you still need it so you can reach the next tome to increase the bonus u receive from Cherub's song]

Unbridled Madness 2/2 a Must have, it increases the HP you receive from Cherub's dance, and also adds 2% more
AP from the buff totaling around 17% AP bonus

2/2 Sacred Word, mostly if your going to have a fuwa vim, increases vim enhancement skills, makes nacent raja 2 even stronger, bouncebouncebounce bounce

2/2 spirit of war (needed to tome that all essential profane bash)

3/3 Celestial rain makes your profane bash from esper skills and some of your other moves, including Mohun Juma
all tier gateways other than 1 and 2 also deal profane bash, so its worth it

3/3 Divine wrath More of that all important profane base, this time it has a curse according to the description

2/2 Focused hate nice increase of effect on the vim AOE of perpetual loneliness


Fate Path tomes

Virtue's Embrace 2/2 [nice hp bonus for later]

Desolate 2/3 [nice crit bonus for a somewhat weak move and gives a much needed AP boost for it]

Bout of rage 2/2 [makes infatuation a little bit easier on your health]

Demonic Spirit 2/2 [Nice AP and attack percentage for Tyrant slayer]

Thundering Sky 2/2 [ adds damage better damage capability to your tier 3 and tier 5 multi-strike moves]

Nihility 3/3 [Helps with a low damage move and brings damage up a little bit, and lowers that terribly long cool down timer]

Fel Endowment 3/3 [Adds time to your precious vim buff, this allows you to save a few pots now and then for your buff because you don't have to use it as often]

Dragonspite 2/2 [helps with one of your most powerful moves, Mad Spiral, It increases disarm chance, and well, it also gives u a huge chance to crit on that move]

Fel Path 4/4 [color=red]in the set, it adds a 6% chance to block a crit, and Makes skills that i may add later have stronger effects, I.E Perpetual loneliness(been added_Thu 29 Jul 2010)

***Note**: i would add perpetual loneliness and sanjo array[helps in glory quests] right now, but, really and truly, I'm not sure of exact skill point totals totals as i've yet to hit 150, But, its a proven build so far, i've yet to find much that needs to be changed and i've changed what needs to be changed(*****NOTE NO LONGER APPLYS, THE ADDITIVES HAVE BEEN ADDED*****) lol! ***

***Note**: This build may contain More or less than given tomes, If u use this build when u hit 150, Please let me kno exact totals of Skill Points and Tome points givin***(Possibility of over skilling is now reduced more than ever, all skills are 150/150, tomes are 48/48, Have fun)***

[be sure to check the second build of this to see the ascended skillpoint set that i will post later on]
Enjoy lol! lol!

***NEW NOTE*** :I'm having some problems between this 1 and the skill plan itself finding all of my small errors, so, in the mean time use this link it wont be red so don't worrie about the note:*** LINK

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