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~JD Pet Capturing Guide~
By: ME!!
1. What is pet capturing?
2. When can we pet capture?
3. What do we need to capture?
4. How do we capture?
5. Where can we capture?
6. Any tips? Yeah I’ve got some.
7. FAQ.

1. What is pet capturing?

Pet capturing is a brand new system that allows us to tame wild monsters
as our pets. However not all monsters can be captured.
Let’s think of it this way: The pets we can capture are like mini
bosses. We attack the pet until it becomes weak enough to be captured.
Ever played Pokemon? Yeah, it’s like that. You don’t kill the pet.
The pets we capture are like the ones we get from cash shop, gradable
and tradable.

2. When can we pet capture?
These pets are rare. There is only one kind of pets in every realm
(total should be 5 in each realm now ) so expect some competition. When a
pet is captured/killed, the next one will respawn in 6 hours. So it
really depends.

3. What do we need to capture?

I. You need the capturing skill. Press R or open skills window – click
“other”- then press “life.” On your right hand side, you should see a
bunch of skills. The top one is the general capturing skill, the four on
the bottom are sub skills that enhance your success rate on capturing
certain types of pets. Simply add them all ( don’t worry these skill
points are “free”). The capturing skill has a 10 minutes cool down so
grab a book while you wait. These skills can be leveled as you use them.
Success capture = 10 proficiency, failed capture = 1 proficiency.

II. Items. Hunting nets!!! What? You expect to catch them bare handed?
We are civilized people we use tools! These nets can be bought from Pet
Master Lotto for 5g each. Don’t be cheap and buy 10 at least! Also bring
enough pots so you don’t die. Normally 500 is enough.

4. How do we capture pets?
You will know the pet can be captured because it will have a
<Capturable> title below its name.
Simply use the general capturing skill when the pet’s hp is below 50%
while having a hunting net in your inventory.

5. Where can we capture pets?

Ha! I bet this is the only part you guys are interested in reading.
Anyways here I go!

There are currently five pets in the game that are capturable.

1. Underworld Judge
Location: All realms earchforce spawn point. Djinn palace.
Note: Coolest pet ever in my opinion!

2. Night Owl
Location: All realms Wildland
Note: This one does not have a spawn point become it flies around
woodland, refer to map below for it’s path.
Pet Capture guide Owlx
You cannot attack it in the sky. Stand in the areas circled. When you
see one coming use far ranged aoe 20 yards + recommended on a ground
mob. It will lure the owl to the ground.
This pet is weak, so all your level 150s be careful, don’t use 1 hit

3. Ridge Beast
Location: All realms Incense Valley
Note: Like the owl, it does not have a spawn point. Refer to map below.
Pet Capture guide 66596334
4. Chubby Baby

Location: All realms Kunlun. Remember the dragon pillar thing? It
spawns south east of that pillar within the icy lake.
Note: This is the easiest capturable pet. Lots of competition.

5. Little Deer
Location: Southern Border, inside the IV portal.

Step 1. Use your current account, create an alt and place your alt
anywhere in Billows.

Step 2. Log on your main, run over to the IV portal in SB, get on
skyblade and fly as high as possible. Get close to the portal and most
importantly face the direction of the portal.

Step 3. Log off main. Go back to Char section menu. Click on your main,
don’t log in. Place your cursor ON your alt and hit “enter” + click.
Your main should be in Billows now. If not, try again.

Step 4. Do not move your main. Get on skyblade and fly forward ( the way
your char was facing) until you pass the tower. Log off.

Step 5. Log on your main. And….. welcome back to SB Pet Capture guide Wink you just made it!! Now mark a
few portals.
(This is not double clienting, so dw)

6. My tips.
I. Capturing can fail a lot, by a lot I mean a lot a lot. These pets can
do damage range from 110 – 340 ish. Because we cannot kill the pets, we
have to keep ourselves from dying. You can do that either by hand (
spamming pots) or bot. Yes I said bot. Summon your pet. Lock on your pet
and click bot. That way it heals for you and your character does not
attack the pet you want to capture.
II. Always mark portals. Why not?
III. Be Patient. Like I said, grab a book.
IV. Anger Issues. Capturing a pet can be frustrating.

7. FAQ
1. Is pet capturing a quest?
No, it is just like crafting, as long as you have the item needed you
can do it whenever you like.

2. Do you have to be a certain level to start capturing pets?
Yes, level 60+ only.

3. The pet appears to be gray named for me, does it mean I can’t capture
No, you can capture it as long as you don’t kill it. And don’t worry
gray named doesn’t mean you can 1 hit it. Use your weakest skill to test
it first.

4. Will more pets come out?
Yes. I have a list of incoming capturable pets but I do not want to
share yet since it is unreleased.

5. Can the captured pets be traded?
Nope…………………….. I lied ofc you can!

6. Can the pets be graded?
Yes and they can evolve as well.

7. I saw someone with a pet squirrel. Where do I capture it?
It is not a capturable pet, you can simply buy it from a npc in the new


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