Good Multi-Purpose Skysong Build

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Good Multi-Purpose Skysong Build Empty Good Multi-Purpose Skysong Build

Post  ZDrAgOnZz on Sat Mar 27, 2010 6:27 am

Ok, I hope you enjoy this 1, Again, Another Reliable Build From ZDrAgOnZz, Cept This time, it was made for an alt, but i decided it was good enough to share


2/6 Heavy Blow
7/7 Vigilance

Tier 1 [First stage of skysong]

Mojon Tamer 1/9
Enlightened ruler 3/3
Bodhi Tree 9/9
Sorrow's blessing 4/12
Blessing Of Prosperity 6/6
Charity's Salvation 5/5 [only to keep you alive til u can get the main skysong buff moves]

Tier 2 [Second Stage of skysong]

Wisdom Of Scriptures 3/9
Charge 2/3
The Four Elements: Fire 5/8
Sea Of Sorrow 9/9
High Aspirations 4/12
Soul Mirror 5/5
Infinite Mercy 5/5

Teir 3 [ 3rd stage of skysong, Yay, your not a noob anymore and your starting to understand the game]

Tainted Scripture 1/9
Guardian of earth 3/3
Glowing Aura 5/12
The Four Elements:Water 8/8
Bodhi's Protector 5/5 <-- Must Max, Very good def Buff
The Four Elements: Earth 8/8

Tier 4 [ Now your becoming experienced and somewhat of a veteran, Not Quite a master of Unaccended skysong tho]

Lotus Pluck 3/9
Heart Sutra 5/8
The Six Cycles 9/9
Sukhavati Incantation 3/12
Karmic Cycle 4/8
Passage Of Salvation 9/9 <--- usefull for pvp
Demon Blast 2/3
Eclipse 4/8

Tier 5 [Congratulations, Your a master of un-accended Skysong, You've a long way til your done, if your gonna accend]

Sayings Of Bodhi 6/6
Fawin Wisdom 5/5
The 10,000 things 3/4 <-- kinda usless, but, it is good for being useless good for groups
Immeasurable truth 2/2


the tomes from this build are identical to these

Hope you enjoy the build

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