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Celan PvP/Grind build  Empty Celan PvP/Grind build

Post  ZDrAgOnZz on Sat Sep 11, 2010 1:52 am

Tier 1:

Well not much to explain, here you just get some things some usefull buffs for pve but not the big thing.

-Soudblade Origin: 3 points. just enough to get soudblade shining
-Soudblade Shining: 4 points. just enough to get flowing cloud
-Flowing Cloud:MAX , this is usefull speed buff because some celans will just spamm their -aura curses curses, when you feel like doing this you can use the skill to run after you -are done casting (we have low hp would be easy to one hit us)
-Finesse: 1 point.
-Vigor: 1 point.
-Tangling Melody: MAX. maxing all the passives is going to be usefull if you want more -resistances (tome passives give resitances) the tomes of this one grant you more silence resistance.
-Tone of elegance: 4 points. enough to get tone of souls
-Tone of Souls: 3 points.
-Tone of Fountain: MAX deffense buff just pretty usefull

Tier 2:
Here you get your first aura curse and combo skill, you will have to wait untill lvl 83 to advance thats the bad thing

-Soundblade Cliff: 1 point. just enough to get nothingless walk and Dream Breaker
-Nothingless Walk: MAX. Athans charge Razz
-Tone of Meditation: MAX. usefull for pve and maybe for pvp
-Dream Breaker: MAX. another passive
-Blow -Tercet of Bamboo: 4 points. The first combo skill edit it as you wish,
-Song- Flyer Atraction: 8 points. First aura curse, this one is pretty good i allready tryed it on my celan it also bleeds target (for a low dmg) but saving a point for a higher lvl skill can be better.

Tier 3:
Here you get the first single target good for pvp (this is just my opinion) Soundblade Storm, its bassed on the caster weaken res, when you are higher lvl if you added the tomes of my build youll be abble to weaken a target for sure.

-Soundblade Mosaic: 1 points. just enough to get Tone of Frost
-Tone of Rivers: MAX. You can neither max it or get just 2 points (enough to get tone of frost)
-Tone of Frost: MAX. well this skill is great, it heals you and your party members a lot when you are in pvp this helps, also helps for pve a lot (tested allready)
-Comprehension of Zither:MAX. 20% critshield increase. tomes on this skill grant more sleep res.
-Blow-Twilight Orchesta: MAX. Pretty good damage.
-Song-Blast of Disturbance: MAX. this is a great aoe curse.

Tier 4:
Just Great, this is the tier were celans get their true power.

-Soundblade Dragon: 3 points. Just enough to get soundblade emperor.
-Soundblade Emperor: MAX. i saw videos of celans making up to 24k dmg with this skill, you can use this skill after blast of disturbance (tier 3 curse) to drain your target spirit so you will make more dmg.
-Chapter of Jade: MAX. usefull for pvp and pve both of them
-Sound Without Sound: MAX. another passive, tomes of this one grant more weaken res.
-Blow-Mountain Regret: MAX. this one seems to deal pretty good dmg.
-Song- Spirit Night: MAX. Just EPIC. the great de-buff aura curse, this skill can be maxed when you get it, and if its tomed it haves 98% chance to remove 1 postive effect per second (no tomes=58% chance)
-Tone of Winter: MAX. an increase on the skill dmg of the target (you can buff yourself too) and also 20% reflect chances.
-Moon in the Mirror. MAX. just an amazing buff, reflects damage back to the target and also negative effects. tome it and you will have shorter cd and also higher chance to reflect the dmg

Tier 5:
Last tier, here you get some good skills too

-Blow-Journey Beginning: MAX. great dmg combo skill.
-Blow-Petal Drops: this is great, in a combination with the chapter of jade (tier 4 aoe) this skill for pve can be really usefull, and also in pvp-
-Tone of Ancestor: MAX. well this is one of the only support buffs im getting, this can help a lot when someone is making group pvp or wars


Grace: here you just have to get Moon in the Mirror tomes and Tone of Ancestor.In order to get em you will have to use points on:

Ocean Chorus: 1 point. in order to get sky solo
Sky Solo: MAX. To get strings of moon
Strings of Moon: MAX. Moon in the Mirror duration is increased by 6 seconds (this is usefull because the buffs just dissapear like 3 or 4 seconds before they should actually time out) and reflect chance is increased by 6%
Celestial Minstrel: MAX. this makes the cooldown of moon in the water decrease (30 secs) also decreases flowing cloud cooldown (30 secs) and nothingless walk (6 secs)

Chant of Wisdom: 1 point. in order to get champion's warsong
Champion Warsong: MAX. to get fairy soprano
Fairy Soprano: MAX . Tone of Ancestor dispell chance gets a 15% increase with this.
Song of Talents: MAX. Tone of Ancestor and tone of fountain cooldown are decreased by 24 secs (tone of ancestor) and 120 secs (tone of fountain making it instant cast)

Wind: you just need to get the 2nd column (the one starting with rising sun), every tome there its just for the tier 5 aoe Blow:Petals Drop.
Rising Sun: 1 point. in order to get the following tome
Pale Bard: MAX. Blow:Petals Drop gets a 4% critstrike rate
Casual Hummin: MAX. Blow:Petals Drop's range is increased by 3 yards
Memorable Ditty: MAX. Blow:Petals Drop's cooldownis decreased by 6 seconds and also journey beginning cooldon is reduced for 3 seconds

Praise:this will get you more resistances, and also will affect the aura curses.

Tomes that grant you more Resistances-

Faraway Instrumental: MAX
Fantasia of Clouds: MAX
Accent of Wonder: MAX
Spectacular Echo: MAX

Tomes that affect the Aura Curses-
Ether Ambient: MAX. affects Song:Flyer Atraction
Miracle Masterpiece: MAX. affects Song:Blast of Disturbance
Lyric of Warmth: 2/3. MAX. affects Song:Spring Nights (i saved that point because you are going to need it if you wanna have 60 seconds decrease on all the Aura Curses)
Sustaining Verse: MAX. the cooldown of all the aura curses is decreased by 60 seconds
Major Strain: MAX. affects Song:Spring Nights adding a 40% chance to remove 1 positive effect per second from the targets (making it a total of 98% if Spring Nights is maxed)

The build should end up like this:
Celan PvP/Grind build  Skillsx
Celan PvP/Grind build  Tomes

Skills that can help out in your esper:

Moon in the Mirror
Soundblade Emperor
Chapter of Jade
Blow: Petal Drop
Song: Spring Nights

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