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Post  ZDrAgOnZz on Sat Mar 27, 2010 7:03 am

Ok, here is your basic balo build" alt="" loading="lazy" />

lright now going through each tier, ill explain why i got a certain skill.

On the left side, ordeal is maxed because its 1 of our final skills attacks. Points are put into passives for some extra base hp and spirit, and for regen. I maxed potent because i always love to have a speed skill, and tomed it has a 26s duration with a 40s CD, meaning u can almost always have a speed buff on. Later when we discuss tier 3 ill tell you how u can constantly be on a speed buff.

Nothingness walk is added mainly becuase having a charge skill is useful, and once tomed (40s CD) it has a very high chance to reduce slow effects. VERY useful.
Both attack and defense postures are maxed becuase they are useful depending on the situation. I also tomed them, (WHOOPS I FORGOT TO ADD A TOME, lemme reupload the pic, missing attack buff tome) They only take 4% attack/def and give 6% attack/def which can be useful. When i had a lot of pots to burn i used attack posture, which made me kill much faster, while when i was getting hit for a good amount i switched to def mode where i was hit by 1s with +5 armor in IV, when at one point i was getting hit for 200s on my lupin with +7 armor.
The passive for resistance is also added becuase res is always nice.
Once again the skill linked with our final skill is added on the left side.

Tiger smash is going to be a very useful skill when it comes to catching fast targets such as (non-fox form) arden or lupins. The weaken is also nice. It gives a 6s speed buff, so if u use ur normal speed buff, 26s, use this, 32s, then a charge, which can go anywhere from 1-2s, you will only need 4-6s of no speed buff. Not too shabby. The attack and HP buff are maxed (attk tomed as well). 16% attack at 5/5 i believe, very useful. Stacked with vim buff = GAWDLY
Twisting dragon is 9/9 obv. caus of final skill.
The 2 passives in this tier for crit bonus and damage reduction are always nice.

The 2 postures in this tier are GAWDLYYYYYYY, Iron guts is like an infinite sp shield. Tomed it reflects a HUGE amount of damage for 1sp for 2 damage. Insanely useful in PvP. The crit null and shield is good too. The attack buff is useful as well becuase of crit damage + bonus.
Slaughter = the best. Tomed its around 30% i believe, so if u can get anyone under 1/3 hp theyre basically dead
The res passive is maxed caus res is always nice.
The skill linked with poweful Aid is maxed, as usual.

The left side skill is the most useful skill ever, Powerful Aid. This is our best damaging skill, better than the right side skill. Ancient Soul = the balo's form of raja. It increase attack and hp, and although you arent immune to damage, you are immune to all status effects and crit damage for 24s. Tomed the CD is reduced dramatically. This is 1 of our best defense skills, along with Iron Guts.

Now some people might ask, why get only the left side of our strongest T5 skills, but not the right? Well the reason is, most good skills are ALONG the left side first of all. Poweful Aid (PA/Left side) hits all 4 at once, which paralizes, stuns, slows, weakens, all at once. If any misses, the person is still too weak to do anything. If para misses, he cant run away caus of slow. If stun misses, weaken keeps them from killing you. Of course this is all negated if they have high res to all (300+ at 150). However, the damage from 4 hits at once will be high enough to possibly kill, and a final blow from slaughter can fix that just incase they survive. The right side just doesnt seem as effective as the left side, and because of this i decided that the PA was more useful. Modify this build however you like, and for it to match your playing style

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