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Post  ZDrAgOnZz on Sun Apr 11, 2010 7:46 am


General Rules of Conduct

In order to avoid any confusion about what people can and can't do on
any forums hosted by Chaos; here is a
more-or-less complete list of the rules. Unless explicitly stated, one
should assume that the following rules apply to every forum and thread.
Some forums may have additional rules, so check any appropriate
"stickies" before you post.

A Note about Respect

We're here to have fun and to share information with each other. With so
many different personalities gathered in one place, clashes are bound
to happen now and then. But how one conducts oneself during these
situations makes all the difference. Don't get us wrong, opinions are
valued on the forums, yours and everybody else's. But please remember to
respect each other and have discussions and not arguments. If you find
yourself disagreeing with another member, think first and then calmly
compose your words. Don't be insulting if you happen to disagree with
someone, just understand that their views are different than yours. Just
really treat each other how you would like to be treated.

You may not use the Chaos Forums to:

1. Transmit unlawful, harmful, threatening, abusive, harassing,
defamatory, vulgar, obscene, hateful, racially, ethnically or otherwise
objectionable content. Profanity filter dodging and filtered
words/statements with clear vulgar intent will also be considered
outright violations.
2. Post or transmit sexually explicit images, text or other content that
is deemed by Chaos staff to be offensive.
3. Impersonate any person including, but not limited to, representatives
and staff of Chaos .
4. NO DRAMA IN OR OUT OF GAME [possible ban for this one]
5. Harass, threaten, verbally abuse Chaos as an entity along with its
staffers, representatives and all registered users through any and all
available channels (forums posts, PMs, in-game chat, etc.).
6. SPAM by posting frequent and/or annoying messages in the forums.

Violation of any of the above mentioned rules may be considered grounds
for an immediate ban. The severity of the ban will be at the discretion
of Chaos staff and will range in duration from an initial warning to
permanent loss of posting privileges on the Chaos Forums. In more extreme
circumstances inappropriate forum behavior may also result in permanent
Ban of Characters from Clan/Alliance. Once banned the decision is final and there
is no appeal process.

Other rules for posting:

7. No trolling, or flaming.
Any form of personal insult will not be tolerated. General rule of
thumb: if you think that what you are about to post is insulting, don't
post it.

8. No posting of personal conversations or personal information (from
IMs or PMs).
Topics such as these are considered breaches of privacy. Please refrain
from posting such items including, but not limited to, email exchanges
with admins, moderators, or personal
communications with other members.

9. No links to illegal downloads or ill-gotten copyrighted materials.
This applies to MP3s, games, pirated software, movies, books, comic
scans, the works.

10. No advertising of any sort.
Posts or threads containing advertisements of any sort will be removed.
Users posting such articles will be warned and/or will have their
account privileges suspended, revoked, and/or terminated.

11. No power-posting, spamming, bumpingbumping is fine.... BUMP!......and/or flaming.

12. No inappropriate discussion types.
Inappropriate discussion-types include, but are not limited to, the
following discussion types: Politics, Religious issues, Abortion
debates, etc. Common sense should dictate what is appropriate or not.

13. Keep posts in the appropriate forum.
For example, don't post a topic about your favorite brownie recipes in
the Faction guides section of the forums.

14. Keep posts on-topic.
Keep the topic in mind when you post. Refrain from posting irrelevant

15. No mouthing off at staff.

16. No bandwidth theft.
Every time you link to a picture hosted on someone else's site without
their permission, you are stealing their bandwidth. If you want to post
an image, download the image and re-upload it to one of the many free
hosting sites out there.

17. No representing banned members.
Don't represent any banned individuals. They were banned for a reason.
Assisting them in any way or form will lump you in the same boat.

18. No public discussion about disciplinary action administered to
If you have any questions regarding rules, disciplinary actions, user
bans, or even a thread move, please use the or PM function of the of the site to contact us.

19. [rule removed]

20. Post only in English. OR (GERMAN)
We have to make sure that we can properly moderate and understand the
topics being discussed in the various forums. So please, keep everything
in English.....***Note German is now an exception to the rules, you may post in German***

21. Graphical & Text Signatures.
If you choose to utilize the signature function (graphical & text)
please keep it in good taste. All of the above mentioned rules also
applies to your signature. To clarify, please be respectful and avoid
any content that can be deemed as questionable (eg - violent,
disturbing, obscene, sexual, racist, etc). Also prohibited are
signatures with advertorial content. Exceptions to this rule may be made
if related to business arrangements with Chaos. Admins of Chaos reserve the right to remove or alter any
signatures deemed inappropriate.

This Post is locked to maintain order of people attempting to cause damage to the Chaos rule system.

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