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*A lot of hp
*A lot of defense
*A lot of buffs (short term and 1 long-term)
*A lot of damage per second (not burst damage)
*Front runners in wars, sieges, etc.

*Short ranged
*Low spirit pool
*Low burst damage (gather spirit excluded)
*Slower than most factions (including speed skills aka wind-runner, muscle control, etc)
*No affective AOE's (PL with tome excluded)

This build focuses on having the most hp as well as the most damage per second you can have. You wont be able to one shot your lvl but most vim wont be able to either. You will however, with this build, have the majority of the kills in wars, and also be able to tank a ton of ppl and not die.

Optimal Gear

+5 or high Headpiece (for sp)
+7 or higher Chest-plate (for def)
+5 or higher Boots (for hp)
+7 or higher Sword (for atk)

Armor - Imbued with attack
Weapon - Imbued with attack

+Crit-rate necklace (if you have deep pockets, if you get this necklace you need to get crit-damage tome)
+Accuracy necklace
+Defense Ring x2

Highest Lvl possible

Thundering Sky Charm/Focused Hate Charm

LVL 105 Spirit-sphere w/Tome and accessory
Blood-smelted for attack

Skill Build
Vim DPS-Tank Build

Initiate is pretty simple and boring so I wont go over those skills.

Tier 1
Furious Chop 3/9 - To get to other skills
Blood Oath 3/3 - SP for Gather Spirit, also a passive so max it
Magma Blade 4/5 - Good for stun but not maxed for other skills(May change total points in skill depending on points in optional skills)
Charm of Earth 8/8 - More Hp is always good, also a passive
*Wind-runner 5/5 - More speed for catching people (Optional, if you get a mount this is not needed)
*Frozen Irony 1/6 - Decent taunt (Optional)

Tier 2
Lightning Flash 3/9 - Decent multi-strike but mainly to get to other skills
Charge 3/3 - Great for wars, also a nice attack buff
Steadfast Strike 6/9 - To get to Spite
Spite 1/9 - Decent Stun debuff but not worth putting points into without the tomes
Demonfire 7/7 - Combined with Nascant Raja, awesome attack buff
Fog curse 6/6 - Defense buff, with tome it also increases Stun Res, also a passive

Tier 3
Divine Inspiration 3/9 - To get to other skills
Dexterity 3/3 - Sleep Res buff/Skill Evasion buff, also passive
Infatuation 8/8 - Awesome defense buff, but decreases HP
Cherub's Dance 1/9 - Good skill but not worth maxing
Hopeless Passion 6/6 - A MUST!!! especially with tome
Wither Wood 3/8 - Used to get Cherub's Song, also nice stun res buff
Cherub's Song 5/5 - ANOTHER MUST!!! only long-term vim buff

Tier 4
Tyrant Slayer 3/9 - Decent skill but used to get to other skills
Splitting Strike 2/3 - Only slow but used to get to Dragon fury
Dragon fury 9/9 - Decent quick multi-strike with hp/sp debuff
Nascant Raja 8/8 - YOU ARE INVISIBLE!!!
Mad Spiral 9/9 - Awesome 4 hit plus disarm/hp regen, but takes a little long to cast
Gather Spirit 7/7 - Drains all spirit but totally worth it
Demon Blood 4/8 - Defense buff is lame but used to get to PL
Perpetual Loneliness 7/7 - Awesome paralize, with tome awesome bleed

Tier 5
Mohun Juma 6/6 - Awesome 4 hit with 120ish% chance to cast profane base
Nameless Technique 2/2 - Awesome 6 hit
Clever Rebuttal 5/5 - 50% damage reflected, but with tome makes you immune to Stun and Silence
*Dawn's End 1/4 - Decent AOE but used for free lunch pet farming

Tome Build - not gonna go through every tome just the must haves

Celestial Rain/Divine Wrath - Increases Profane Bashs' effects
Heaven's Blessing - Increases YOU ARE INVISIBLE!!!
Focused Hate - Turn's Perpetual Loneliness into a 22 second paralize, also decrease the time you are paralized, also cause those paralyzed to not be able to cast spells for 4 seconds

Iron Will - More health and spirit
Thundering Sky - Increases Mohun Juma's awesomeness
Thunder fury - Increase multi-strike damage and decreases cool-down
Fel Path - Increase Multi-strike attack, Decreases Critstrike damage, Turns Perpetual Loneliness into a 10k+ AOE bleed/paralize


Q: Why did you put points into Demonfire?
A: With Nascant Raja, Demonfire increases your attack power by 12% and doesn't decrease your defense.

Q: Why didn't you max Magma-blade/Spite?
A: Stun is nice, but it isn't something you should rely on. If you run into someone with a stun res of 300, you will have no chance of stunning them even with the tomes for Magma-blade and Spite. Also the tome points that would have gone into Magma-blade and Spite are better spent else where. Also with Clever Rebuttal and the tome you become immune to stun for 16 seconds.

Q: Why didn't you get the Cherub Song's tome or the Gather Spirit Tome?
A: This was a tough decision...more hp and more attack power is nice but its only 2% more attack and 500 more hp for Cherub's Song. If you refine your boots, there's the hp. The tome points, long story short, were spent in better places in my opinion.

Q: Why didn't you max Dawn's End?
A: It is one of the two AOE's that are decent. However its still a crappy AOE. It's not spammable, it doesn't hit that hard, and the taunt doesn't make it worth it.

Q: Why didn't you get the crit-damage tome?
A: Crit damage is nice, however if you only crit 2% of the time the damage isn't that much more.If you were to get a crit-rate necklace, try and put points into it, but my pockets aren't that deep.

Q: Why did you imbue your gear with attack?
A: With the defense rings, it makes up for the defense lost for the extra attack.

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Vim DPS TANK BUILD Empty This is a Build ppl who dont want to tank

Post  ZDrAgOnZz on Fri Apr 09, 2010 8:51 am

Ok, this build is NOT for tanking heavily, and cannot be easily modifed to tank, if u want to tank go to the OTHER build that is Used by ZDrAgOnZz ingame

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